REVIEW & STREAM: Wiz Finds The Melodies On ‘Khalifa’ Album, Co-Signs New Taylor Gang Artists


So everyone knows that Wiz and Kanye went at it on social media recently, but that’s not the point of this project or this review. We’re gonna leave the family out of this one, even though his son Sebastian does make a great cameo on the project. While some say the drama was good for sales and publicity, we want to focus our attention on the music because this is a solid Wiz project that rivals his recent tapes.

You might think this project was all recorded at once, but these songs are ones that didn’t make previous albums. The tracks are all ones that Wiz was really fond of and we can see why.  It’s almost a throwback compilation of sorts, but there are gems on here that the Taylors will love.

“The game will stress you out, but that’s what these doobies is for” – Wiz Khalifa – ‘Khalifa’ – “iSay” ft Juicy J

From the outset this project gets trippy with a dope synth lead and Wiz sh*t talking about money, smokin weed and getting rich. While that may sound like a turn off to the Wiz haters tired of weed raps, there are some experimental songs on here that slap production-wise.

Take the classy joints with piano solo’s fading out like the first song “BTS” – it’s a sound that reflects the vibes Taylor Gang fans have come to embrace.  It’s more about the vibe with Wiz and harmonizing with the music.  You have to remember he was influenced by BONE Thugs-N-Harmony, Snoop, Max B and Cam’ron.

Yea his raps can be somewhat simple at times, but his ability to find the melody on the song is uncanny.  Plus, who can remember all those raps when you smokin KK like Khalifa does?  Take “Call Waiting” for example as Wiz tries his hand at singing the whole song on some soul sh*t.  Yea he’s no Adele, but he can find the melody and somehow it work out in a smoked out kind of way.

Wiz provides his fans with motivational raps which is def needed if you’re blowing clouds of that good. Sticking with your team, getting lit and a focus on paper are common themes on this one. Some fans of Wiz’s earlier material will draw comparisons to other projects, but this shows a more refined sound. (Listen to “City View” with Pittsburgh’s own Courtney Noelle)

There are a good amount of features on this project from the Taylor Gang family as Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign, Chevy Woods, JR Donato join in on tracks. Of those, on the first few listens, the Ty Dolla $ign record is smooth and has serious potential as a viral hit – at the very least a dope video. Make sure you check that one, it’s two parts. Part One is a single for sure. The Juicy J song “iSay” has potential as well, Juicy J does well on radio.

The “Cowboy” track is a valley on this one and so is “Bake Sale” ft Travis Scott.  While the Travis Scott “Bake Sale” joint is already making its way up the Billboard Top 100, “Bake Sale” definitely piggy backs on a familiar feel from “Antidote” by Scott.  It’s like an extension of the whole melody but fans will enjoy it.

“Make a Play” and “Most of Us” are def bangers too but they aren’t for the mainstream if thats what your’e looking for.  Is it Wiz’s best album? No. Is it dope? Yes. Is it Kush and OJ? Nah, but its def some dope smoked out ridin music, which is about all you need if you smoke with the best of ’em like Wiz. You decide for yourself below:

Check it out below for stream on Spotify and make sure to check out some of the highlights below!

Highlights: “BTS,” “City View” ft Courtney Noelle, “Make A Play” ft JR Donato, “Most of Us,” “No Permission” ft Chevy Woods, “iSay” ft Juicy J, “Lit” ft Ty Dolla $ign