Stetsasonic Returns With Anthem For “Fallen Soldiers” Of Hip-Hop


Legendary rap group Stetsasonic is back with a brand new song “Falling Soldiers” dedicated to all of the MC’s we have lost over the years.

Before The Roots, it was the Brooklyn-based Stetsasonic. The Hip-Hop band that formed in 1981. 

Through the mid ’80s, Stetsasonic was known to hit the road on most major rap tours with legends like Public Enemy, Run-DMC, EPMD, Ice T, Kool Moe Dee, Eric B. and Rakim, and many others. 

The video “Talking All That Jazz” ruled Yo MTV Raps! rotation as they took a stand against James Brown after Brown dissed rappers for sampling his music without paying. 

Now, the Hip-Hop band is back with a heart-touching new song titled “Fallen Soldiers.” 

The record shows love for all the Hip-Hop legends we have lost over the years. Legendary group member Daddy-O spoke on the track.

“The record was initially inspired by the passing of our fallen brother Coolio. However, as we started recording, the record took a life of its own.” 

Daddy-O also made a production/rhyming appearance on the new Morris Day album Last Call on the awe-inspiring Prince-type bouncy track “Last Night.”

Check out the song “Fallen Soldiers.” The world’s first Hip-Hop band is “In Full Gear” in 2022 as if it was 1988.