2 Chainz Praises New York City For Their Cannabis Laws  

2 Chainz lit up as he walked past an NYPD van while comparing the city to California after legalizing marijuana in March last year.

2 Chainz compared New York to California after lighting up in front of New York cops now that the city has revamped its marijuana laws. 

In March 2021, New York City joined the increasing number of states to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Cannabis connoisseur 2 Chainz reflected on the changing times and recalled previous encounters with cops in the city who would crack down on anyone consuming the plant in public.    

“I remember being in New York, they had the Hip-Hop police they used to f### with us out the cab and jump down,” 2 Chainz said. “Man, now we in Times Square walking with the gas man. New York, I’m glad you found some other s### to be upset about and stopped f###### with n##### about none of that s### like that.” 

Demonstrating his newfound freedom, he strolled past an NYPD van. “Nah, For real in front of 12,” he said. “They not tripping, they’re not tripping. F##### me up, they done turned to Cali out in this b####.” 

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Unlike in Colorado or California, it’s legal to smoke marijuana almost everywhere it’s legal to consume tobacco. 

However, 2 Chainz isn’t just a consumer. He is among the growing number of Hop-Hop artists to enter the booming cannabis industry. His Pineapple Express cannabis company opened its first store in Los Angeles, California, during Super Bowl weekend in February.  

According to a new study, legal sales of marijuana are expected to top $33 billion by the end of 2022. Additionally, more than three-quarters (77%) of the U.S. population resides in a state with some form of legalized cannabis.