“Drug Kingpin” Claims 50 Cent Is Bullying Him; Threatens To Use Violence Against Rapper In $1 Billion Battle Over “Power”

50 Cent

A man suing 50 Cent over “Power” claims the rapper is bullying him. So he’s asking a court to intervene before he has to resort to violence!

The man attempting to sue 50 Cent $1 billion for supposedly basing “Power” on his life declared he might have to use violence against the rap star to protect his family!

Cory “Ghost” Holland Sr. sued Fif for the astronomical amount in April of 2021.

Holland insists 50 Cent, and Courtney Kemp, the other executive producer behind “Power,” lifted his life story as a former drug kingpin to create the blockbuster franchise, which airs on Starz.

Holland, aka “Ghost,” says he met with Kemp’s father in the early 1990s.

They supposedly stayed in touch until 2007. That is when Holland allegedly mailed a CD he made for at-risk youth to Kemp’s father with music, as well as a cautionary tale about his own life as a drug dealer leaving the trade.

Holland alleges that “Power” producers based 200 scenes on his life.

50 Cent and his legal team are trying to dismiss the “frivolous” lawsuit, maintaining that Holland seeks to snag a quick payday and that his case lacks merit.

Earlier this week, Holland filed a startling document asking the court to “legally protect his interests and his family and his legal justification if violence becomes necessary to protect him or his family.”

Holland told the court 50’s associates have been making threats on his life and are attempting to “bully” him.

His motion claims that 50 Cent likes to brag about his nasty, violent feud with incarcerated Supreme Team founder/Murder Inc. associate Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, who was accused of ordering a shooting that led to the rapper being shot nine times in May of 2000.

According to Holland’s rambling motion, “a lot of subliminal shots” have been thrown at him since he filed the lawsuit against 50 Cent and the other creators of “Power.”

“[Holland] wants to address this matter now and hopefully have it ceased before someone loses their life. [Holland] wants to keep this fight in the court but is not afraid in [any] kind of way of other kind of confrontation with anyone,” the motion reads.

Man threatens 50 Cent in Court

More likely than not, Holland’s latest motion will be denied, and the judge will probably dismiss the entire case, but as of press time, a decision has yet to be made.

The last episode of “Power” aired in February 2020.

Holland waited to file the lawsuit until April of 2021, so his claim is legally blocked by a one-year statute of limitations in New York.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent is busy celebrating the success of the latest “Power” spinoff, “Raising Kanan,” as well as promoting the upcoming “BMF” series, which premieres on September 26.