50 Cent Calls Out Meek Mill For Being Signed To A “Correctional Officer”

50 Cent was one of several high-profile guests who appeared on Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio this weekend, and the G-Unit boss is still going at Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper 50 Cent appeared on Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio as one of several high-profile guests this week.

Fif, supermodel Naomi Campbell, and comedian Whoopi Goldberg sat down with Lil Wayne for some pretty interesting interviews. 

50 Cent set things off, during a discussion about his role as executive producer of Pop Smoke’s posthumous debut album Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon. 

According to 50, Pop was late for their first meeting because he was too busy shopping. 

“He comes upstairs. I talked to him. I’m like…Wayne look, this… someone new in the league is copying your style? And even at that point, it’s a form of flattery,” 50 Cent explained. “He’s copying you because your material was such an influence on him and that’s the way he learned to do it. He learned it from listening to you. It’s another thing when this n##ga talking to you and you looking at him, you going “Nah this n##ga not copying 50 Cent. This n##ga is 50 Cent!”

Elsewhere in the interview, 50 Cent aimed at his longtime nemesis Rick Ross and his artist Meek Mill.  

Meek Mill has been in the headlines for calling Out Tekashi 6ix9ine several times, after the rainbow-haired rap star cooperated with the Feds last year, to receive a reduced sentence. 

Meek inadvertently sparked a discussion about his track record due to his tight relationship with President Trump supporter, and billionaire, Robert Kraft.

50 took it a step further during his interview with Lil Wayne and called out Meek directly. 

“If you represent prison reform, how did you sign to a correctional officer [Rick Ross] and managed by a snitch?,” 50 Cent asked inquisitively. 

50 was referencing a story claiming Roc Nation’s Chief Operating Officer Desiree Perez had once cooperated in a case against a drug cartel. 

Later on in the show, the mood lightened up when supermodel Naomi Campbell sat down with Lil Wayne. 

The highlight of this interview came when Naomi revealed the skincare routine she gave to Pharrell since both of them almost seems to be aging backward. 

“I… told Pharrell to put his face in cold water, ice-cold water, every day to keep the skin firm,” Naomi Campbell said. “I believe in that, too. And that’s a trick from back in the day. All the old actresses used to do that. All the Hollywood sirens used to do that trick. But I do believe in maintaining oneself and taking care. Skin is extremely important to me.”