50 Cent Says His Champagne Cognac Is So Good Jesus Would Drink It

50 Cent

The rapper feels like his cognac has “Divine” appeal.

50 Cent is confident about almost anything he puts his hands on. One of those things is his Branson cognac brand with Sire Spirits company. The mogul believes his award-winning spirit could actually impress “he who is one with the Holy Spirit,” and has no problem going through hell to ensure his fans get a chance to taste his golden-brown drink.

According to the Branson cognac website, 50 Cent has several different types: Phantom, Royal, VSOP Grande Champagne and XO Grand Champagne.

The bottle for the XO Grand Champagne actually got him into some legal problems with Remy Martin. The legacy brand alleged the artist-turned-mogul copied its trademarked bottle for the new cognac. The two companies settled on the two-year dispute in June.

The “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” rapper believes Remy Martin was trying to teach him and his newer company a lesson.

“They felt I was moving too fast, so they put some pressure on me,” he said in an interview with France24.com. “They picked the wrong guy coz I spend a million dollars a year on legal fees anyway— just for recreational purposes it feels like sometimes.”

A party connoisseur, he knew the type of clientele that would like his cognac. Surprisingly enough, he believed the purported Son of God would love taking a sip.

“Jesus Christ would drink that s###,” he said in his interview.

While the cognac is good, it would have taken an Act of God to change Remy Martin’s mind about the bottle. As a part of the settlement, 50 Cent had to agree to change the bottle design.