50 Cent, Ex-Drug Kingpin Could Come Face To Face Over $1B “Power” Dispute

50 Cent

A highly contentious showdown between 50 Cent and a drug dealer who is suing the rapper is slated for May. Read more!

Rapper 50 Cent could finally come face to face with former drug kingpin Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr. in a mediation conference slated for May.

Holland filed a $1 billion lawsuit in 2021 against 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp, and the STARZ network, claiming that the hit TV series “Power” is based on his life story.

Court documents reveal that Holland, representing himself, asserts that he mailed a copy of his CD Blasphemy to Kemp’s father in 2007, featuring a song that narrates his experiences as a drug lord.

Holland further maintains that the seven acts in his Blasphemy CD bear striking similarities to the seven seasons of “Power” and the first two seasons of the spinoff, “Power Book II: Ghost.”

50 Cent’s legal team argues that the lawsuit is not valid due to the one-year statute of limitations under New York law.

They point out that the final episode of “Power” aired in February 2020, and Holland filed his lawsuit in April 2021, making his claim time-barred.

The rapper’s lawyers also contends that the characters in “Power” are entirely fictional and no rational person could believe any character is based on Holland or his life.

The mediation could be the first the two men actually meet, although if 50 had his way, it would have happened much earlier and in A different setting.

In court documents filed in late February obtained by AllHipHop, Holland maintains 50 Cent showed up at his home twice in July or August 2021 in an effort to confront him.

Holland alleges that 50 Cent was attempting to provoke a confrontation between the two.

50’s legal team has never replied to Holland’s request for sanctions over the alleged visit, and a judge has ordered both parties to sit down to try to reach an agreement.

As the legal dispute unfolds, the upcoming mediation conference presents a chance for both parties to potentially find a resolution to the massive lawsuit.

The conference is scheduled for May 9, 2023, at 11:00 AM via video conference.