50 Cent Brushes Off Cancelation Of “For Life” After Two Seasons

50 Cent

Nothing can stop 50 Cent’s push into television, not even the cancellation of one of his hit shows!

50 Cent is looking for a new home for his TV show “For Life,” after ABC canceled the drama after two seasons yesterday.

“For Life” was inspired by the life of Isaac Wright Jr, who successfully fought a life sentence on his own and had the verdict overturned. The hit show was one of several series to get the ax by ABC, due to overall low ratings on the network.

Even though “For Life” over-indexed and was the most-watched show by African-Americans on the network, it was 86ed along with shows like “Mixed-ish,” “Call Your Mother,” and “Rebel,” according to Deadline.

The lukewarm reception to “For Life” from ABC’s general audience was a stark contrast to Hulu, where the episodes also aired. “For Life” proved to be valuable to Hulu, by helping the streaming platform grab new African-Americans viewers.

50 took to Instagram to reveal “For Life” is being shopped around to other networks, and a deal would be announced soon.

“Tell you where you can tune in to see FOR LIFE shortly,” 50 Cent said. “Check out my new show ( Family Affair) on ABC coming soon!”

50 still has a working relationship with ABC, which is preparing to debut the rapper’s new show “Family Affair.”

“Family Affair” centers around an R&B musician who is suddenly forced to take on a new parental role to raise his sister’s four children. The project is written by Devon and Ranada Shepard, who will also serve as executive producers with Mary J. Blige and 50 Cent.