50 Cent Jokes About Former BET CEO Debra Lee’s Affair With Network’s Founder

50 Cent

Former BET CEO Debra Lee caught the attention of 50 Cent by revealing she had an affair with the network’s founder Bob Johnson.

50 Cent found a new target for his online trolling on Wednesday (March 8).

The G-Unit rapper commented on former BET CEO Debra Lee’s affair with the network’s founder Bob Johnson. 50 Cent initially posted a relatively tame remark on Instagram before taking a crude turn.

“You would not believe what goes on behind the scenes,” he wrote in his first post about the affair.

A few hours later, 50 Cent returned to the topic.

“Wow Deb must got that WAP,” he joked. “He gave her the whole s###, here you run it bae ! LOL.”


Debra Lee discussed her romance with Bob Johnson while promoting her new memoir on Good Morning America. The longtime TV executive claimed BET’s founder threatened to oust her from the company if she broke up with him.

“I worked for Bob Johnson for 10 years before we had a personal, romantic relationship,” she said. “He was a mentor and he pushed me and he’s responsible for a lot of my success. We did have a relationship while we were both married. We ended up both divorced and then people knew about the relationship. The company knew.”

She continued, “The downfall of a relationship like that is if you want to get out of it. And that’s a part where it came and I wanted to break up. I saw it wasn’t a long-term relationship. And my job and my career was held over my head. It was like, ‘Well, if you want to break up with me, then you can leave tomorrow.’ And that was 20 years into my career at BET, so I would have lost everything.”

Watch Debra Lee’s appearance on Good Morning America below.