50 Cent Trolls Druski After Dramatic Stage Fall: “Nobody Told Me Druski Died”  

50 Cent clowned the comedian after Druski went viral after a video of him slipping and falling down some steps surfaced online.

50 Cent rarely fails to make a joke out of the misfortune of his fellow celebrities, and comedian Druski was no different after he took a fall on stage recently. 

The internet comedian became the butt of jokes when he fell down some steps during a recent show. Druski became distracted by a woman walking onstage wearing a pair of tiny shorts while he was walking down a set of steps and slipped and tumbled, landing awkwardly.  

He played it off as the audience laughed and cheered him as he got to his feet. Druski wasn’t about to let the humor of the situation pass him by as he began cracking jokes about the lady.  

“If it ain’t snowing, I ain’t going,” he said, referring to the white woman in question, before saying he twisted his ankle. He then jokingly ripped into his team for not preventing the fall.  

“And what the f### yall doing? You ain’t catch me n####,” he said to his stage crew. “I ain’t paying y’all two dollars an hour for nothing.” 

Druski revealed the extent of his injuries in the caption, writing, “BROKE MY DAMN ANKLE.”  

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His famous friends began roasting him in the comments section, with fellow comedian Kevin Hart clowning him. “Oooommmmmgggggg….. yo life flashed before yo eyes man!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂” he wrote. Michael Rubin said Druski’s the ” Only person on planet earth actually less coordinated then me!” while Odelle Odell Beckham Jr. added, “Bruhhhh reallly almost fkeddd his shxt uppppp😂😂😂” 

50 Cent Joking Sends “Condolences” to Druski’s Family

Video of the fall quickly went viral after surfacing on social media and soon fell into Fiddy’s hands. He shared a clip of Druski falling and roasted him in the caption.  

“Nobody told me Druski died, i send my condolences to his family and loved ones,” wrote 50 Cent. “👀boy WTF happened here? who put that last step there like that? LOL 🤨somebody gotta die!” 


Meanwhile, Druski has returned to the stage, albeit in a wheelchair with a boot on his leg. Check out the pics below.  

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