90’s#### Maker Akinyele Rakes In Millions As Vegas Strip Club Owner


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Akinyele, known for the raunchy 90’s#### “Put It In Your Mouth,” has apparently struck gold in Las Vegas as the owner of a new gentlemen’s club in the heart of the city.

The New York rapper has moved $5 million in one week after the grand opening of Lollypops with partners Cliff Dutton and Jay, according to a press release.

“We decided to officially launch LollyPops and align ourselves during the Mayweather vs. Cotto fight weekend and I can proudly say there are now two winners,” said Akinyele.
Ak has long been known in the adult entertainment world for his penchant for p####-mouthed lyrics. In 1993, his debut album was titled V##### Diner. The album was a mild success, but the controversy with the titled yielded more success for the rapper. His second album, 1996’s Put It in Your Mouth, made the rapper a success in the underground world of adult entertainment with the themes of sex and pornography. He went on to release several other sex-themed albums, songs and even worked closely with former p### star Heather Hunter.

Now, Akinyele continues to meld Hip-Hop with adult entertainment in Lollypops.

“We’ve been thrilled and amazed to see lines of both men and women still coming at 8 a.m. and this has been every single night, better yet morning I should say, over the past 10 days,” said Akinyele.

He has also employed a number of Hip-Hop acts and strippers to bolster the ambiance in the club.

DJ Whoo Kid is the resident DJ with others like Don Cannon, DJ RockStarr, Mark Da Spot and others. Even more have come to visit the club, including Ray J, Bad Girls Club’s Camilla Poindexter, Interscope Records’ LoveRance,  Gary Payton, Bobby Brackins,  Mistah Fab,  Marshawn Lynch, Sleepy Brown, Problem,  G-Unit/ZooLife’s 40 Glocc.

Ending, Ak said he named the club Lollypops, because it was “the only way we can metaphorically say ‘put it in your mouth’ without offending anyone.”