A$AP Rocky: All Them Atlanta N*ggas Sound The Same


(AllHipHop News) Trinidad James created a huge uproar back in 2013 when the Atlanta-based rapper was seen on camera saying the South runs New York. Fast forward to 2015 and now it’s Harlem native A$AP Rocky offering his opinion about the music coming out of the ATL.

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Rocky was interviewed as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival in May, and video of the conversation has now been uploaded to YouTube. At one point, the “Everyday” rhymer began speaking about whether NYC had a signature sound at the moment, but his answer also included comments about some of his down south peers.

A$AP Rocky said:

If we’re gonna be honest, some of the dopest music is coming out of Atlanta right now, but all them n*ggas sound the same. Here [New York City] there’s not as much dope sh*t – well it is, but a lot of people don’t see it the way I see it. [New York rappers] don’t sound alike. Everybody got their own different thing going on.

Them Atlanta dudes – it’s a few dudes that’s doing their own thing that’s killing it. I’m not saying all Atlanta rappers sound the same, but for the most part, majority. They all kind of have similar cadences, flows and delivery. They even recycle the same lyrics from each other.

I gotta just say it. This ain’t dissing nobody, but I don’t understand how Future can make a song like “Sh*t.” Then this n*gga, I forget his name… You make “OG Bobby Johnson” and it’s like, “head shot, head shot, hit them with the…” It’s the same thing Future’s saying. And we allowed that.

Not taking nothing away from Que – I know his name – I just feel like, come on. I like the song. If you ask me if I like the song – yes, it’s a dope song… and this sounds like I’m downplaying this guy. I don’t even know him, so I don’t got nothing against him. I’m just telling the situation. I feel like it’s okay to be inspired, but you can’t bite off contemporary artists that’s in your same league.

Trinidad James’ name also came up during the sit down. Rocky referred to the “All Gold Everything” rhymer as his dear friend and suggested he has his own style, but the A$AP Mob member questioned where is Trinidad now.

“You got these one hit wonders all the time,” Rocky added. “It’s a part of the game. You gotta ask yourself, ‘Do you wanna just make singles or do you wanna make history?’ And y’all already know what I’m trying to make.”

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Watch A$AP Rocky’s interview below.