Why is Ace Amin Still Bombing on John John da Don?

Battle rap culture is about going for your opts throat … but will this beef ever reach the stage? The DMV rapper drops his new diss track “CODE RED” to shame the 6 ft. PG Killer for backing out of his battle. [Peep the mini-timeline on how this beef started to bubble]

Battle Rapper Ace Amin has been at odds with Bullpen founder John John da Don for some time now. Without getting into the dangerously nasty details, the two got beef and everyone in the battle rap world knows about it.

Vlog after vlog, the two have been bombing on each other — issuing warnings that one should not get in the other one’s way. But because the business that they do oftentimes leads them into each other’s circumference, many have had to simply keep them far apart. They are beyond shooting the fair one.

Hopefully, we can get a dope battle out of this. But until that happens, Ace has been unyielding with bombing on the rapper with diss tracks (and videos) after diss tracks.

The first diss came last October called “The Baptist.” Shot during a URL second-day card, unlimited cameos made the video move fast and express a level of posse-dom. He is not alone in the JJDD hate. Call it generational, but all the new guys (aside from Ill Will who had just beat the almost unbeatable emcee in a battle) mouthed the song as if it were already out on the radio. DMV heavy and lyrically slicing, the song is probably the best of 2020’s battle rap diss tracks. (Charlie Clip’s joint “Most High Freestyle” was really close).

At one point, it came to a head where the two men actually confronted each other online.

Now, four months later he is back with another (can we say banger) to let the world know he is still on one when it comes down to the Yonkers/ ATL rapper.