Ahmaud Arbery Killers Plead Not Guilty To Hate Crimes

Ahmaud Arbery

The three racists who killed Ahmaud Arbery in cold blood have pleated guilty to the heinous crime.

It is flat-out disrespectful.

But the three men (who all of the world saw kill Ahmaud Arbery on video camera) have pleaded not guilty to hate crime charges.

What … are we supposed to believe that the crime was an act of love? GTFOH.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the three men have already been charged with the murder of the 25-year-old Georgia man.

U.S. Magistrate Benjamin Cheesbro revealed during a public hearing that these men “did willfully, by force and threat of force, injure, intimidate, and interfere with Ahmaud Arbery, an African American man, because of his race and color.”

With no private representation accompanying them to the court, Greg McMichael, his son Travis McMichael and William “Roddie” Bryan all entered not guilty pleas at their arraignment on the five federal counts related to the Arbery’s death.

The prosecution had a rebuttal for their nonsensical plea and shared with the court that they were ready to give to the defense next week one terabyte of discovery and the complete GBI case file.

The information is sure to support how Travis used his Remington shotgun to murder Arbery. His dad Greg, a former cop and an investigator, had a .357 magnum revolver which most likely was used to also terrorize the Gen Zer.

The father (who is a white man) also said that Arbery was running down the street on the block that he lived on.

He went and got his son (another white man) and the two men got in their pickup truck to chase him. Their friend (yet another white man) eventually joined in and corners the young Black man with his truck.

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Because he was blocked, and the younger man approached with a shotgun, Arbery tried to defend himself by lunging at Travis. That is when Travis shot him three times.

As a cover-up, the three men alleged to the local law enforcement that they were making a citizen’s arrest because they believed he was responsible for some burglaries in the neighborhood.

Pre-trial hearings, in that case, are set for Wednesday and Thursday. Also, in the name of Ahmaud Arbery, Georgia repeals the Citizen’s Arrest Law.

Because the crime involved guns, these men could face life in prison if convicted.