Albee Al Celebrates Release From Prison On Murder Charges In New Music Video  

Albee Al

Albee Al dropped the “Thottie” visuals after serving three years in prison on murder charges in connection with a 2019 shooting.

Albee Al wasted no time releasing new music after walking free from jail on murder charges for the second time in eight years. The New Jersey City rapper was released last month after accepting a plea deal for his role in a 2019 shooting

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The “Thottie” video begins with the rapper walking free from prison after serving three years. He emerges from his confinement to celebrate with his supporters outside the prison, before being whisked away in a private jet. Other scenes show Albee Al enjoying life as a free man, drinking champagne, surrounded by scantily clad beautiful women gyrating for him. Check it out below.  

Albee Al – Thottie

Shortly after releasing “Thottie,” Albee Al shared a video to celebrate the song’s success while thanking his loyal followers and his new fans for their support.  

“I’m overwhelmed right now,” he said. “I don’t even know how to feel, I don’t even know if this s### real, this s### crazy. Anything is possible, you just gotta stay on your s###. You gotta want this s### more than anybody. Your grind can’t sleep.” 

Albee Al showed love to his supporters and vowed to continue making music. “This s### ain’t gon’ never stop I promise you,” he added. 

Despite his release from prison, Albee Al could end up back behind bars in a few months. The plea deal he accepted comes with a mandatory minimum of 18 months in prison. As reported by The Daily Voice, the judge gave no indication as to whether he will receive time served at his October sentencing.