Ali Alexander, Who Was Reportedly Helping Ye Run For President, Accused Of Asking Teen Boys For Nasty Pics

Ali Alexander

A guy who was supposedly helping Kanye run for president has been accused of asking teen boys nasty pictures!

Ali Alexander, a prominent pro-Trump activist known for his involvement in the “Stop the Steal” campaign, has recently come under fire after being accused of soliciting sexual images from teenage boys. 

According to The Daily Beast, Alexander apologized, admitted to sending inappropriate messages, and regretted not verifying the identities of those he engaged with in flirtatious conversations.

“I apologize for any inappropriate messages sent over the years. When I’ve flirted or others have flirted with me, I’ve flexed my credentials or dropped corny pick up lines. Other times, I’ve been careless and should’ve qualified those coming up to me’s (sic) identities during flirtatious banter at the start,” Alexander said.

This news comes as Kanye West’s political aspirations continue to make headlines. Ye has reportedly backed out of the 2024 election after a significant falling out with far-right advocate Milo Yiannopoulos, who was fired from the campaign.

Yiannopoulos and other fringe leaders like Nick Fuentes had been instrumental in pushing West further into politics. The dispute occurred after West’s business suffered due to his promotion of a Nazi ideology.

In an interview with Kanye West, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes revealed that West had hired Ali Alexander, an organizer of the January 6 events, to lead his political operation following his split with Yiannopoulos, as reported by

However, McInnes later clarified that this information was only a “theory” and not a confirmed fact.

The association between Alexander and West raised eyebrows. Alexander and Fuentes were present during West’s controversial appearance on Infowars. During the livestream, West made a series of anti-Semitic comments, praising Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. 

This latest development involving Alexander has stirred up controversy within the Maga Nation as critics of the far-right wing movement in the United States have a ball with the scandal.