AllHipHop EXCLUSIVE: Wack 100 Says Game Isn’t Retiring; He’s Dropping 30 New Songs

Wack 100

Wack 100 had a conversation with and revealed his artist Game is planning a batch of new music!

Controversial manager/label head Wack 100 of Cash Money West and 100 Entertainment spoke with AllHipHop in an hour-long interview discussing a myriad of issues.

From his work with Game, Blueface, and his new artist TruCarr, to his highly publicized Nipsey Hussle critique, Wack 100 was an open book, not shying away from any questions. 

When asked about Game’s music and the possibility of a new album, Wack 100 said the Compton rap legend has 30 new songs in the works set to appear on a project called 30 for 30.

Despite Game previously stating in interviews that Born to Rap (2019), would be his last album, Wack 100 said he doesn’t think his flagship artist knows how to retire.

“Do I personally think he’s going to retire? I think not. I don’t think he knows how to,” Wack 100 told’s Jake Crates in an exclusive interview. “You know he’s got something for the people because he just felt like they needed it. Its 30 Game joints – it’s kinda going to be like a Game playlist type set up.

“We’re calling it 30 for 30. You know with Game you never know. I know we’re about to start getting off into film, I know he’s defintely looking to manage and sign some artists, but Game has the passion for music, he has a studio at his home. Do I think Game could walk by his studio every day and totally ignore it? Hell naw… Do I think he’s not going to stay relevant without having something to say, he definitely will,” Wack 100 revealed to

Most recently Game released an ode to Allen Iverson and his greatness called “A.I. With the Braids” featuring Lil Wayne. The track led many to speculate about a new full-length release from Game.

In the visual Game, Lil Wayne and Iverson appear in a digitally animated cartoon that is reminiscent of NBA2k fully equipped with dancers and a huge red basketball court with Game’s logo at center court.

“A.I. with the braids is almost single-handedly responsible for most if not all trends you see in hip hop & professional sports these days…” Game told in a statement when the video was released. “Every kid including myself wanted to be Allen Iverson, from the baggy jerseys with the diamond chains to the designs in his braids & whole swagger. Girls were in love with him & he was pound for pound the best player in the NBA. A.I. went from being my idol as a kid to being my brother in real life, so it’s only right I pay homage.”

Prior to Born to Rap, Game released 1992 which debuted at #1 on Billboard’s “Top Rap Albums Chart” and tied Drake for the most #1 album debuts since the chart began in 2004. 

Also, the album gave Game his eighth #1 on Billboard’s “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart” tying him for third with 2Pac and Lil Wayne.