Angela Simmons & Oreo Laugh Off Criticism Of Cookie Bath Video

Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons was ridiculed after sharing a video of her lying in a bathtub full of Oreo cookies to promote a new collab. 

Angela Simmons is showing she can laugh at herself after facing ridicule over a video to promote a new collaboration with Oreos. 

On Tuesday (July 9), Simmons posed in a bathtub full of Oreo cookies to launch the collab between her Angela’s Cakes brand and restaurant chain Slutty Vegan.  

However, she faced backlash from social media users who claimed the ad was corny. The bathtub video was parodied by multiple online comedians, including Kevin Fredericks, popularly known as KevOnStage. 

He shared a video of himself in the tub with a few Oreos scattered across him. “Tried to market like Angela Simmons, but I only had one pack of Oreos at home,” he joked in the caption. 

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Alton Walker shared a humorous reaction, teasing Simmons for wasting Oreos. “You done spent about $300 on cookies,” he joked before asking Simmons to send them to him.  

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The cookie brand also joined in the jokes on X (Twitter). The official Oreo account posted a meme of a bathtub full of cookies captioned, “Imagine hating me and i’m just at home doing this. Boy we have a crush on Angela Simmons.” 

Angela Simmons shared the post from Oreo on her Instagram Story, writing, “We have a crush on you too.” 

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Simmons also posted Walker’s parody video alongside another internet comedian’s meme. 

Lacboi shared a side-by-side of his and Angela Simmons’ Oreo bathtub pics. “Tubi vs Netflix,” he teased.

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