Anti-Kanye Westers Start ‘Make Me a Billionaire Instead’ GoFundMe Campaigns, Makes Average $5.50 Before Getting Shut Down

Kanye Ye West

Kanye’s campaigns were dropped after they started.

Yesterday Kanye West’s fans started various GoFundMe campaigns to the controversial rapper/designer regain his billionaire status after he lost much of his wealth due to controversial comments last month.

However, not everyone is jacking that (actually, hardly anyone).

According to TMZ, those crowdfunding efforts mentioned by just yesterday have been removed, with very few people donating money to restore Kanye as the wealthiest Black musician in the country.

In response to the efforts, other petitions were created that seemed to laugh in the digital face of Ye. Examples of titles of these campaigns are “Make me a billionaire instead of Kanye” and “Let’s make me a billionaire like Ye used to be.”

These new pages are also not winning either, with not one raising more than $25, and the average profit is about $5.50. reported that because of his various antisemitic comments, comments on George Floyd’s tragic death, and his promoting a White Lives Matter t-shirt (that he can’t sell because he doesn’t own the trademark), many companies and corporations have severed ties with him.

When the Gap ended his contract, he went from $6.6 billion to about $2 billion. However, once Adidas deaded his contract, he drastically dropped to about $400 million, according to Forbes.

Bloomberg reports that Kanye is still richer than 99% of all Americans.