Antonio Brown Accused Of Using Lil Wayne To Run Scam That Netted Hundreds-Of-Thousands

Antonio Brown

Owner of promotions company said the athlete tried to get a quarter million dollars from the brand, saying it was for Lil Wayne.

Former football star/rapper Antonio Brown is back in headlines after a Florida music promoter alleged he beat him for $500,000.

In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, October 6th, in a Sarasota County Circuit Court, a promoter for Secure the Bag Entertainment said Brown used Lil Wayne’s name to try and get a contract for $100,000.

The complaint alleged that the athlete breached his contract and defamed the company over an “exclusive artist agreement” between him and Secure the Bag Entertainment.

One allegation is that he sold the company’s owner, Ryan Kane a fake high-end watch for $160,000. Other complaints said he defrauded the company out of $178,000 in counterfeit expenses for reimbursement and made a bunch of sexist, racist, lewd, and threatening messages to several STB execs and others.

The lawsuit says the expenses included Brown spending $87,000 to rent a Los Angeles recording studio for five hours and about $8,500 to pay for some of Brown’s entourage to fly in a private jet. 

It also states, when they refused to pay the expenses, the football player started making “defamatory statements on social media about STB writing bad checks and not paying their bills.”

Kane said he considers Brown nothing but a “liar and a thief.”

“Now I know how the Raiders felt when they paid him [at least $1 million], and he never played a single game for them,” Kane said.

“I gave him … a huge advance and an opportunity to make money legitimately, and all he did was walk off the field,” he continued.

According to Kane, he gave Brown a $150,000 advance to sign with his company, believing he would shoot a video to promote “Cracked,” a song he did with Lil Wayne.

But, after Brown told Kane that Lil Wayne wanted to be paid “$250,000 in cash” and that he would receive the money for the Young Money rapper, things got crazy when Brown threatened the man saying, “the check better be good.”

Kane wrote the check with good intentions but decided to stop payment after some thought.

As reported by, Antonio Brown is already in hot water after a video circulated of him exposing his private parts to a woman in a hotel pool in Dubai.

The New York Post reported after the video was made public, the troubled All-Pro wide receiver texted one of their reporters, saying, “do what u got to do p#### u white boys dead already.”