Apple Music Launches New Exclusive DJ Mixes By DJ Drama, Just Blaze & More

Stretch and Bobbito, DJ Spinna & others will also help bring in the new year on Apple Music Radio.

The Apple Music streaming service is starting off 2022 with a series of twenty-four exclusive DJ mixes. The multi-genre lineup includes American Hip Hop figures DJ Drama, Just Blaze, and Kitty Ca$h as well as their British counterparts Charli XCX, PinkPantheress, and Anz.

“In this set, I mix up a lot of amazing songs that really heavily influenced my upcoming album CRASH. Songs from Janet, Prince, Cameo, Mariah Carey – just songs that have a retro sort of rhythmic feel to them. Songs with incredible snare drums often, and songs that make you want to dance,” stated Pop singer Charli XCX.

“This mix is a really small selection of some of my favorite tracks from this year. Lots of UK garage, lots of electro, breakbeat, hardcore – just various bits and bobs to get you in the mood for a big one,” said Anz. “We have music from the likes of UNIIQU3, Jubilee, and a few of the tracks I’ve released this year too. Thank you so much for rolling with me.”

The DJ mixes are now available to stream on Apple Music. In addition, Apple Music 1 will broadcast all twenty exclusive DJ mixes back-to-back to close out 2021. Plus, Apple Music Hits will play a selection of mixes from in-house talent such as Just Blaze (5 pm PT), DJ Spinna (6 pm PT),  Stretch and Bobbito (8 pm PT), and Kenny Dope (10 pm PT). 

“These are my favorite dance tracks – and tracks in general,” shared PinkPantheress. “I’ve got a lot of my favorite artists in here, which I hope you appreciate and feel that you can dance to. Music from the likes of Aitch, Kelela, and KAYTRANADA.”

The London native added, “I love these artists because I feel that they are truly individuals who are heavily rotated in both my playlists and everybody else’s. Kelela is my Ethiopian East African queen, and her music has influenced me in ways which I can’t even describe. KAYTRANADA is the same – been my favorite producer for a long time. And Aitch is just a legend over here in the UK and deserves to be worldwide.”