Ashanti Reveals Nelly Shocked Her With “Beautiful, Intimate” Proposal 

Ashanti is spilling the beans on Nelly’s proposal, revealing she was “completely” shocked when he popped the question.  

Ashanti is opening up about her relationship with Nelly, revealing details about his proposal and their wedding plans. 

The couple is expecting their first child together after rekindling their on-again, off-again romance last year. Fans were overjoyed earlier this year when the couple announced they were engaged and welcoming a child. 

In a new interview with ET Online, Ashanti revealed she was floored when Nelly popped the question.  

“It was just such a beautiful, intimate moment,” she recalled. “We were not dressy.” Although Ashanti believed a proposal “was gonna come soon,” she was still “completely” shocked when the time came.  

“The way it happened was so funny,” the singer said, revealing she was lying in bed wearing Nelly’s T-shirt and boxers at the time. “It’s not really sexy.” 

Ashanti said the proposal brought her to tears, and she “FaceTimed everyone I know,” after giving Nelly “the biggest hug and kiss ever.” The couple plan to have the baby before tying the knot in a ceremony on the beach.  

While Nelly sparked pregnancy rumors after rubbing Ashanti’s belly on stage at his Black and White Ball in St. Louis, neither of them knew she was expecting at the time. However, after missing a period, she took a test and realized he had predicted their blessing.  

Nelly was delighted with the news. “He was so happy and we were both smiling and it was so funny,” Ashanti explained. “I was actually at his mom’s house… He was in the studio. It was a really cool moment. It was a little bit of everything.” 

Ashanti surprised Nelly with a Father’s Day balloon arrangement while he was performing at Denver’s Ball Arena on Sunday (June 16). “Y’all make some noise for my baby mama in the building!” Nelly told the crowd.