Astroworld Festival Victims File $10 Billion Lawsuit Against Travis Scott

Travis Scott

Attorney Brent Coon is representing over 1,500 plaintiffs.

Brent Coon & Associates filed cases on behalf of the Travis Scott Astroworld Festival victims. The tragic event took place in Houston on November 5.

Attorney Brent Coon is representing 1,547 Astroworld Festival attendees. The plaintiffs want $10 billion for the resolution of all cases.

In addition, Coon requested the Harris County District Court consolidate all of the involved cases into one trial. The goal is to ensure more efficient management of the docket. A hearing is scheduled for December 13.

“In addition to litigating high-profile mass tragedies all over the county the last 35 years, I also have run a concert promotion company for over 20 years and am very familiar with how you are supposed to plan these events,” states Brent Coon. “What happened at Astroworld was an unconscionable tragedy and it is important that justice is served for all those impacted.”

Coon continues, “I believe our firm is best suited to help lead this case, not only because of the number of victims who have selected our firm to represent them in this action but due to the fact that we possess the extensive legal experience as demonstrated by our lead counsel work on many plant explosions, product recalls, and other mass tort actions.”

Will Texas Pass New Laws Following The Deadly Astroworld Festival?

Brent Coon & Associates is also demanding legislative action in Texas. The potential new laws could include crowd control planning specialists to certify events, mandated training programs for event preparation, and criminal liability for any wrongdoing. 

Dr. G. Keith Still will serve as part of the Coon & Associates legal team in this case. The crowd surge and stampede expert will also hold an advisory/consulting role on governmental investigative commissions such as Governor Greg Abbott’s State of Texas Task Force on Concert Safety Panel. 

“We will roll over every rock in this matter. Everyone associated with these types of events has the power to halt conduct that is resulting in injury to attendees,” says Brent Coon. “It has been terribly disappointing that some defendants have already gone public misstating and down-playing their responsibilities that attach to events such as this. Anyone involved can at least temporarily stop an event when safety becomes a serious issue.”

Coon adds, “The fact that not a single company or individual involved in this incident EVER made an effort to do so here, when it was readily apparent things were out of hand, is shameful. Trying to publicly dodge culpability is irresponsible and inconsistent with what really goes on behind the scenes in these events. I know. I run them and I have had to stop one and did so before anyone got hurt. It’s part of the job.”

Ten people, including 9-year-old Ezra Blount, died as a result of the violent crowd surge at the Astroworld Festival. Dozens of people were hospitalized. Over 300 people were treated for injuries at the event’s field hospital on site. Travis Scott and others are now facing multiple high-dollar lawsuits.