Atlanta Metro Deputy Accused Of Using Excessive Force On YSL Member Previously Fired From Police Force

Defendant files a new excessive force complaint.

Newly reviewed records show a deputy, who was accused of assaulting and injuring one of the defendants, Rodalius Ryan, in the YSL RICO trial during a scuffle a couple of years ago, was fired in 2020.

Fulton County Deputy Morris Kandakai, a member of the Scorpion Unit, has been placed on administrative duties pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation over his fight with Ryan.

According to WSB-TV, back in 2020, Kandakai was disciplined by his local police department after it was determined he lied about the use of excessive force during the altercation. He also violated policy when he failed to activate his body camera during the incident with the alleged suspect.

Ryan’s attorney Angela D’Williams filed a formal complaint regarding this incident on Monday, January 23rd.

She wrote, “My client, Rodalius Ryan Jr., was a victim of an unwarranted attack by Investigator (Morris) Kandakai, of the Scorpion Unit of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department, on January 23, 2023.”

“Although every deputy is equipped with a body camera, Investigator (Morris) Kandakai intentionally did not activate his body camera, while viciously attacking Mr. Ryan, he punched Mr. Ryan in the head,” D’Williams continued. “The officer’s attack continued, he dragged him out of the vehicle, which caused Mr. Ryan’s head to hit the concrete of the sidewalk and caused contusions to his body.”

The scuffle happened while Kandakai was getting ready to move her client from the jail to the courthouse.

“Inmate Ryan began to spit on the rear floor of my patrol vehicle while I was sitting on the front driver side,” the officer wrote in his incident report. “I then informed Inmate Ryan to stop spitting or he would have to clean up his own bodily fluids. Inmate Ryan advised, ‘I am not cleaning up [expletive],’ and continued to spit, but at this time towards my direction.”

According to Kandakai, the YSL member spat in the officer’s face.

“I walked to the rear passenger side door, opened the door and advised inmate Ryan to exit the vehicle where he ignored my order,” he wrote in the incident report.

Adding, “I then reached inside the patrol vehicle to remove Inmate Ryan where he stiffened his body and laid out in the backseat of the patrol vehicle and flailing his legs, in a kicking motion to prevent me from removing him. I was able to physically control one of his ankles during this time, and Inmate Ryan was physically extracted from the patrol vehicle and placed on the ground.”

D’Williams says her client had a “knot on his head, blood dripping from his wrist and finger and scrapes on his legs,” resulting from the officer using excessive force. Her client had to get medical care.

She is also requesting in the complaint to get the dash camera from the officer’s vehicle he used to move him. The idea is to help share more light on the incident.

Ryan is not squeaky clean.

He is currently serving a life sentence for a 2019 murder and is now on trial with other members of YSL for violating one count of Georgia’s RICO act, indicted with chart-topper Young Thug.