Did Australia Immigration Officials Deliberately Ruin A Big Hip-Hop Festival On Purpose?

The Drip Festival had to change plans for their nationwide tour of Australia over visa concerns.

(AllHipHop News) Australia is known for being one of the most unwelcoming countries when it comes to American hip-hop artists.

Artists like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Lil Pump, Tyler the Creator have all been hassled or denied entry into Australia at one point or another.

And now, due to the country’s immigration policies, an entire rap festival is in jeopardy.
According to organizers of the Drip World festival, they have had extreme difficulty getting a variety of rappers Visa approved for the big concert.

According to a statement, Drip World fest organizers are warning fans that some of the advertised acts may not be able to make it since most of their applications for visas have not been approved.

“We have waited until the 11th hour, in hopes that we would receive visas for some of the key artists performing on our incredible Drip World line-up and until this morning we have not received those visas,” organizers of Drip World said in a statement. “It has to be noted that we have no doubts that everyone on our line-up will be granted a visa into Australia. However, with delays in getting the submissions through for approval, there is no guarantee that they will all be granted in time for the festival tour starting this weekend.”

The inaugural festival was supposed to launch on August 31 and featured big-name acts like French Montana, Akon, Migos, Lil’ Skies and Comethazine on the bill.

Other stops on the tour included Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. But organizers could not guarantee the booked artists would make it due to the delay in approvals, so they have decided to reschedule the entire event.

According to reports, organizers are now looking to plan the Drip Festival for January of 2020. 

“We couldn’t risk not to deliver the artists we promised so a decision has been made by the Drip Team with everyone’s support to move the festival from Winter to Summer,” organizers said. 

More details on the new re-scheduled dates are expected soon.