Australian Burger Joint Owner Claims Kanye West Threatened Legal Action Over His Logo 

Kanye West

Attorneys for Kanye West allegedly sent a cease-and-desist notice forcing the store owner to remodel his store.

A Kanye West fan was recently forced to remove his restaurant menu and logo after the rapper’s lawyers threatened legal action. 

According to Mark Elkhouri who owns a burger eatery in Melbourne inspired by Kanye West, he’s had to undergo a thorough redesign following a cease-and-desist letter from Ye’s attorneys. The Yeezy mural inside the store has now been painted over, while the teddy bear logo is covered with a sign. The notice reads,” Insert logo here. OK thanks bye.” 

Instagram: College Dropout Burgers

College Dropout Burgers is named after Kanye West’s debut album. The store’s burgers named after the rapper’s songs will have to be renamed.  

“It’s pretty hard being a Kanye West fan with this situation, we have to respect his wishes and move forward,” Elkhouri said. The store owner believed “he was a fan of us.”

The name College Dropout Burgers will remain, but the meals will now be named after other famous college dropouts. However, Elkhouri remains undeterred in his fandom for the Donda hitmaker, who he labeled “the biggest artist of our time.” 

He added, “I have to still support him,” and acknowledged a silver lining in the situation. “Moving forward, I feel like it is a bit of a blessing in disguise,” Elkhouri said. “Because let’s face it, not everyone is a Kanye West fan.”