Azealia Banks Bombs On Nicki Minaj In Explosive Instagram Rant

Azealia Banks Nicki Minaj

Azealia Banks said Nicki Minaj is being “used as a marketing pawn” because she has been blacklisted over her husband Kenneth Petty’s past.

Azealia Banks unleashed on Nicki Minaj in a scathing Instagram rant, claiming she needs to divorce her husband and overhaul her image with a stint in rehab. 

The outspoken rapper took to her Instagram Stories Sunday night (July 23), claiming Minaj is being “used as a marketing pawn” and forced to collaborate with rising female artists because she has been blacklisted over her husband Kenneth Petty’s past.  

Nicki Minaj shares a son with Petty, who was convicted of first-degree attempted rape in 1995 and sentenced to more than four years in prison.  

Azealia Banks began her series of lengthy posts by claiming Nicki Minaj’s appearance on the Barbie soundtrack “should have been the return of the queen of f###### bubblegum pop.” 

She said it was Minaj’s “moment” to shine but alleged the Ice Spice collab was “forced” upon her. According to Banks, Nicki Minaj will “continuously be forced to acknowledge new rap girls and be used as a marketing pawn until she [separates] fully from any and all associations/relations with sex offenders.” 

Banks also declared, “Ice spice highkey ate you in your own space” and said Spice’s original “Princess Diana” song is “better” than the remix featuring Nicki Minaj.  

“Desperation and defeat is not a good look on you,” she continued. “Please realize that the game being played against you is bigger than whatever flavor of the moment Girl hits the scene. Please stop trying to out hoodrat these new girls and get back to boxing these white pop stars out.” 

Azealia Banks Claims Nicki Minaj “Lost” To Cardi B

Azealia Banks also weighed in on the beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, claiming Minaj “lost” after “you cried on Zane Lowe because Cardi didn’t wanna be friends with you.” 

She also insisted Card B is “beating” Nicki Minaj “because she’s “FUN and FUNNY.” She also urged the “Pound Town 2” hitmaker to become more relatable.  

“We won’t care for the queen of rap s### ur trying to push until you tell us what’s really on your heart. Music listeners aren’t stupid,” she added.  

Additionally, Banks addressed Minaj’s upcoming album claiming the project “will really determine whether or not you win the war.” She recommends Minaj “shake all the ghetto hoodrat aesthetics off” so she can “REALLY EAT THIS POP S### THE F### UP.” 

She urged Nicki Minaj to divorce “that man,” claiming Petty was sent “to MAKE SURE YOU DESTROY YOURSELF.” 

Read her posts in full below.  

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