B.G. Legal Drama Casts Doubt On Cash Money Millionaires Reunion


Prosecutors want to block B.G. from rapping about gun violence and murder while he’s on supervised release.

B.G. pushed back against efforts to restrict his lyrical content at a court hearing in New Orleans on Tuesday (June 18). The 43-year-old rapper pleaded his case to Judge Susie Morgan, explaining why he should not be subjected to a condition forcing him to “refrain from promoting and glamorizing gun violence and murder” in his music.

“I just feel like Christopher Dorsey and ‘BG’ are two different people,” he told the judge, per The Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate. “It’s basically like telling Robert De Niro he can’t make any mob movies.”

He added, “I just did a hard 12 and a half years … In no way am I glorifying. I’m just being creative from coming up in a messed-up environment. I’m just rapping about what I know.”

B.G.’s lyrics faced scrutiny after he was arrested for a probation violation in March. He remained on supervised release for gun and witness tampering charges following his 2023 release from prison.

Prosecutors wanted to modify the terms of his supervised release to regulate his lyrical content. B.G. objected to proposed constraints on his music.

“It is respectfully submitted that this request is overly broad and violates the First Amendment and due process,” his attorneys argued.

B.G. avoided revocation of his probation by agreeing to modified conditions. The new terms included turning over his lyrics to the government. But prosecutors and defense attorneys could not settle the matter of B.G.’s lyrical content, leaving it in Judge Morgan’s hands.

“I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a limited period for him to stop saying certain things,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Maurice Landrieu contended at Tuesday’s hearing. “I don’t think Mr. Dorsey should be revoked. I like Mr. Dorsey, personally. I just want him to use that talent to lift us.”

Judge Morgan has yet to make her ruling on potential lyrical restrictions. Any limitations on B.G.’s lyrics could disrupt plans for the Cash Money Millionaires reunion at the 2024 Essence Festival in July. He was expected to perform at the event celebrating 30 years of Cash Money Records.