“BBL Drizzy” AI Company Faces RIAA Lawsuit As Record Labels Seek To End “Blatant Infringement” 


The AI company behind the “BBL Drizzy’ song is facing legal action from the RIAA in a charge against copyright infringement.  

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is taking action against two AI startups, including the brand behind the popular “BBL Drizzy” instrumental. 

The AI-generated song soared in popularity and had a major impact during the Drake and K. Dot beef after Metro Boomin used the instrumental in a challenge. Social media comedian King Willonius revealed he created the track using the AI platform Udio, developed by Uncharted Labs. 

The challenge went viral, sparking multiple “BBL Drizzy” remixes. Drake himself even rapped over the instrumental on Sexyy Red’s “U My Everything.” 

Now, the RIAA are going after Uncharted Labs and fellow AI company Suno, alleging their systems are trained to violate artist copyright.  

In their lawsuit against Udio, RIAA argues, “if developed with the permission and participation of copyright owners, generative AI tools will be able to assist humans in creating and producing new and innovative music.” 

However, the suit also stated if AI tools are developed “without regard for fundamental copyright protections,” it could cause “enduring and irreparable harm,” and “inevitably reducing the quality of new music.” 

Meanwhile, RIAA CEO Mitch Glazier said that legal action is “necessary to reinforce the most basic rules of the road for the responsible, ethical, and lawful development of generative AI systems and to bring Suno’s and Udio’s blatant infringement to an end,” per CNN