Benny The Butcher Explains Why He Signed With Def Jam

benny the butcher

Benny The Butcher also spoke to AllHipHop about collaborating with French Montana on the new single “Bricks & Bags,” which features Jadakiss.

Benny The Butcher discussed his desire to ascend to new career heights in an interview with AllHipHop.

The Griselda rapper took pride in his independent success but told AllHipHop he’s striving to become a bigger star. Benny The Butcher’s ambitions led to him signing a deal with Def Jam.

“I did all this s### independent, and I just did the deal with Def Jam just because it made sense,” he explained. “I’m trying to take this s### to another level. And that’s a part of this s###. You know a n####’s hustling.”

Benny The Butcher also talked about the new generation of Griselda Records. Although he signed with a major label, he praised Griselda’s ability to flourish independently.

“We just grinding,” he said. “This underground s###, we drop when we want and we press. That’s what we do, street music. We don’t need the big machine all the time for this s###. We just f### with who f### with us.”

French Montana made a brief cameo during Benny The Butcher’s conversation with AllHipHop. The two hyped up their single “Bricks & Bags,” which also features Jadakiss.

“Bricks & Bags” dropped on Tuesday (June 21). The track will appear on French Montana and Harry Fraud’s new album Montega, which will be released on Friday (June 24).

Listen to the song below.