Benzino Vows To Heal Relationship With Coi Leray After Social Media Spat Goes Viral

Benzino and Coi Leray

Benzino is working hard to mend his relationship with rapper Coi Leray as her career takes off.

Former Source owner and Almighty RSO founder Benzino seems to always be at the root of public displays of dysfunction.

As a cast member of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and “Marriage Boot Camp,” his relationships with women seem to always be in serious flux. But nowadays, he has been going back and forth with his daughter, and instead of hopping on a cable network and getting paid to clash with a female that he loves … he is doing it for free.

Recently, Zino and his daughter have been talking about their turbulent relationship on social media. To be fair, Coi Leray, his oldest child, released a song in January with Lil Durk called “No More Parties.” This song was emotionally cleansing about her dad, whom she alleges wasn’t there for her.

“My daddy let me down … But I promise you I won’t let up … I wanna say f### that man … But this s### won’t make me better”

Back and forth, the two went over the disparaging lyrics, leaving both of them venting and ranting on Instagram lives that have left messy “fans” reveling in the familiar dysfunction.

On Friday, April 16th, 2021, it seems that Coi tried to extend either an olive branch to her dad or just wanted to impulsively share how she felt on Twitter.

“I love my dad (heart) forever and always.”

To that, Benzino, the father, started throwing subs on Twitter, basically rejecting her overture.

“Fake love will make you hate love. #fuckfake

“So not only is the internet the place to tell someone you got beef, but it’s all the place to tell someone you love them? How bout using the same phone for the keypad and call button. S#### fake asf.”

“It’s funny how all the internet people react emotionally when you make a comment in your best interest but since it’s not what they want to hear or how they see it then they attack. They don’t even know you or the situation. Each one of y’all can suck covid dick and take a nap.”

Fans started to check him, letting him know he is looking crazy tweeting like this.

“U moving like a woman bro where’s ur testosterone real men don’t let their emotions control em,” says Jorge Pastora.

Then the profile ….Take it or Leave it responded, “especially not over they daughters.”

Thankfully, Benzino did a 180 and issued a heartfelt apology to Coi for not being there for her as she was growing up. Zino dropped a lengthy message to his daughter, as well as his 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Despite the social media drama, Benzino vowed he would be there for Coi and promised to heal their fractured relationship as well.

“I’m far perfect but I man up when it’s time and the most important thing is to PROVIDE, so as a street guy with no trade or degree, I got to go get it from the streets,” Benzino said. “I understand when it was the Source era it was worse. 😞 I get it and I’m so sorry. All that took up time and realize my it’s my time is what a daughter needs. So I understand how Coi was frustrated and angry, so all I can do is try and make it better and move forward…Just want a relationship with my daughter and here for her 24 7 for anything. ❤️”