Beyoncé Under Fire From LGBTQ Advocates Over $24M Show In Dubai 

Beyoncé has been called out by some LGBTQ advocates over her choice to perform in Dubai despite their anti-LGBTQ laws.

Beyoncé has been heavily criticized by some fans over her decision to perform in Dubai last weekend despite the country’s strict laws against same-sex relationships. 

The megastar headlined the private $24 million concert in Dubai to mark the opening of luxury hotel Atlantis The Royal, her first live performance in five years.  

However, her performance drew a mixed response. Some fans were thrilled to see Queen Bey return, while others were disappointed with her decision to perform in a country where same-sex sexual activity is punishable by death. 

Beyoncé‘s latest album Renaissance was celebrated for “honoring black q#### culture” and taking inspiration from LGBT icons. The album was dedicated in part to her late gay Uncle Johnny and members of the LGBTQ community.  

Bev Jackson, co-founder of LGB Alliance, said the performance “casts a shadow over her support for lesbians and gay people.”  

She told The Telegraph on Sunday: “Beyoncé is a huge icon for many gay people. LGB Alliance is deeply therefore disappointed that Beyoncé has agreed to give a lucrative concert in Dubai, where same-sex sex acts are a criminal offense, potentially punishable by death.” 

Some fans on social media also expressed dismay over her choice of venue.  

“I love Bey, but you can’t release a statement album like Renaissance, celebrating LGBTQ+ community and then perform in a country that criminalizes and kills LGBTQ+. I love her still but she deserves to hear about it.  

“idk, if I already had $500 million, I don’t think an additional $35 million would be enough money for me to go perform the album I dedicated to my gay uncle in a country where being gay is still punishable by death,” Inside Hook Managing Editor Bonnie Stiernberg tweeted. 

However, others, including LGBT activist Ts Madison, suggested fans were singling out Beyoncé, pointing to U.S. states with ani LQBTQ laws. 

“So y’all gone be mad At @Beyonce when she Perform on her tour in those US States that have anti LGBTQ laws in place? Or are you gone still get your tickets?” Madison questioned before adding, “The selective outrage is workin my #cozy nerves.”