Bhad Bhabie “Confused” By Reaction To Her Post About Boyfriend Abusing Her

Bhad Bhabie Le Vaughn

Bhad Bhabie questioned why people assumed she was staying with the father of her child after accusing him of domestic abuse.

Bhad Bhabie clarified past comments regarding Le Vaughn, the father of her child, after accusing him of domestic violence. The internet personality/rapper claimed she never said she was staying with him despite his abuse on Tuesday (July 9).

“I wasn’t gonna speak on this but who said I was staying?” she wrote in response to an Instagram user calling on her to leave Le Vaughn. “What about that post made y’all think I’m staying? Bc I said I love him? Bc I said he’s gonna get help? I’m so confused and apparently so are y’all.”

Bhad Bhabie previously shared footage of Le Vaughn attacking her and photos of her injured eye on Instagram Stories. Fans assumed she might stay with Le Vaughn because she said leaving him was “the easy way out” and “better said than done” in a post on Sunday (July 7).

“I love that man more than I love myself and it’s honestly really sad,” she wrote. “But unfortunately this is real life. I know the easy way out is to leave and that’s better said than done. This doesn’t happen this extreme often, but LV definitely has a problem. He’s going to get the help he needs.”

She continued, “Right now there’s no room for mistakes. And he knows that. Who ever says they are there for me will b supportive of me no matter what I choose to do. Y’all know I give a mf hell but there’s no excuse for that at all what so ever. My point in sharing this wasn’t to attack him, it was for him to see what he does is wrong and too take accountability and make a REAL CHANGE.”

Earlier this year, Bhad Bhabie gave birth to her first child with Le Vaughn. They named their daughter Kali Love.