Big Boi & Phantogram Talk Teaming Up For ‘Big Grams’ EP During AMA Session


(AllHipHop News) OutKast emcee Big Boi and electronic duo Phantogram have come together to form the supergroup Big Grams. The ATLien connected with New York residents Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel to conduct a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session where the fans were able to question the musicians. The Big Grams EP is scheduled for release on September 25th.

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Here are some highlights from Big Boi and Phantogram’s AMA:

phantogramfan: Will the tour include renditions of songs from outside the project? Would be ill to hear Sarah sing the hook to “Follow Us”, Big rapping over “Black Out Days” etc. 

Josh & Sarah: We have plans to do some experimenting with mixing up some Big verses with Phantogram beats. Big has already written a verse that is unreleased for “Black Out Days” and it would also be dope to hear Big rap on tracks like “When I’m Small.”

anticrastination: It sounds like you guys have had a lot of fun making this album, and Fell in the Sun is already a winner. Do you have any favorite tracks or background stories that you can share? Looking forward to the tour!

Sarah: The first song we started working on day one in the studio with Big was “Drum Machine” and we recorded vocals that afternoon.

Big: We were wrapping up the record and later on down the stretch Josh stayed in my pool house for like a week and a half finishing up the record, eating dinner with my family and we went to The Blue Flame with Dave Chappelle. Dave was like “I can’t f*cking believe I’m in here!”

spoonman1015: Sarah and Josh: what have you learned from working with Big Boi so far? as a dude with a career going back decades you must have learned some super interesting things, even stories or whatever. Big Boi: what have you learned from working with Sarah and Josh?

Big: Whoa, decades?!

Josh & Sarah: Stay confident in what we do and always be forward thinking. Don’t second guess ourselves. Sarah and I are both Aquemini and we’ve modeled a lot of our career after Big Boi and Outkast so hearing all of that from one of our heroes has been reassuring that we’re on the right path.

eklxtreme: Any plans for a full-length album? Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

N/A: Yeah, we’re gonna keep making music as Big Grams so definitely! If Missy Elliott wants to be on a track later on, holler!

CorgiCadet: What was the moment/idea/thread/spark/groove that brought you all together? I’ve been a huge fan of your collective work, but I was still surprised (and extremely happy) to see you collaborate together on this scale.

Josh: When we were at Stankonia working on VLADR with Big.

Big: Everything we did sounded good as f*ck, we was batting .1000 so we just kept working.

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Listen to Big Grams’ “Fell In The Sun” below.

PHOTO: Twitter