Big Sean And His Mother Drop Useful Tips To Adjust Your Mindset

Big Sean

True to his word, Big Sean dropped the first episode of a new video series to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month.

Rapper Big Sean dropped at the first episode of his new mental health series with his mother Myra Anderson.

The new 10-15 minute series focuses on delivering tips to the rap stars fans, and celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Episode one of the series features Big Sean and Myra having a honest discussion, focusing on how to focus If you’re feeling stuck at all what depressed or anxious.

Big Sean and his mother offer up a variety of tips in episode 1, including tips for setting goals.

“The first thing when you want to do anything or accomplish anything, is you have to decide what you want,” Myra explained. “You ‘gotta wanna’ I call it. So you gotta know what you want and then you set an intention to accomplish that.

“You have to learn to focus on what it is that you’re going after. And a lot of times we’ll say ‘oh I want a red car but oh I’ll never be able to afford a red car’…so you have to be strong and focused -laser focused on what it is that you are attending and yes and then you’re vibrate with it and that’s when you will attain it.”

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BIg Sean and his mom talked about the importance of a gratitude journal. The rapper revealed he puts an entry into his every single day, to remain thankful for his blessings.

“The more you are grateful for the more you will have to be grateful for so that is the value of a gratitude journal,” Myra Anderson said. “Start being grateful for the little things that happen in your life and for things you never think about being grateful for.

“I never thought to be grateful for my spit until we had a friend that had cancer and had to have some kind of operation. Now she has to take a sip of water out of a straw three or four times a minute,” Myra Anderson revealed.

Big Sean and his mother drop installment of the series every Saturday in the month of May Get his IGTV account.

The endeavor is extremely important to Big Sean, who has struggled with mental health issues in the past, including anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

The rapper’s mom has a B.A. in economics from the University of Michigan and a Master’s Degree New York University, worked as a middle school teacher. Now she serves as the executive director of President of the Sean Anderson Foundation.

Myra was instrumental in helping Big Sean get through a number of challenges, so they decided to team up and share the techniques they used with the world.

Take a look at episode 1 here.