The Big Stage is Back! The URL Announces Summer Madness 11 & Its Return to Houston

In addition to the big stage, big names (from multiple generations) are set to perform.

The entire Hip-Hop industry has suffered greatly from the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus. Battle rap is no exception. As a result, the Ultimate Rap League (URL) has not been able to host a large-scale event in front of an audience, standing in strict adherence to the social distance restrictions suggested by various governing bodies.

This move put a stop to crowds at their events and fans have been missing out!

Now URL, the worldwide leader of the emcee battle culture, is bringing the Big Stage experience back!!!!

A rush of excitement ran through the scene this week after URL dropped more names regarding the Summer Madness 11 card. Headlining the marquee event is a battle so full of nostalgia and history: Murda Mook vs Reed Dollaz! Actually, many fans believe that it should have gone down over a decade ago. The two legends, one from Harlem and the other one is Philly, will face off against each other in what could be an all-time classic battle!

In true URL style, the announcement came via an epic trailer opened by owner Troy “Smack White” Mitchell himself. Next, his partner Eric Beasley runs down the card in his customary dramatic fashion listing off clashes from some of the biggest names in the sport.  

In addition, to the Harlem vs. Philly legendary battle, Summer Madness 11 will feature another match-up that has been in the talks for years: Tsu Surf vs. John John da Don.  

New Jersey native will finally go up against the Bullpen league owner, after being called out forever. JJDD, the Yonkers native that recently released dropped the video from “Sh*t Is Real,” is hard to beat. But “The Wave,” who is dropping his highly anticipated album Until Further Notice on August 20, must. This is probably going to be the most entertaining battle of the night.

Also on the card are battles between K-Shine & Hollow Da Don and Calicoe & Gecchi Gotti.

Shine hasn’t been seen on URL since losing to Champion of the Year 2020, Chilla Jones in January this year. The loss followed his multiple-year crazy run (where arguable he didn’t lose one round). Last month, Hollow battled Ultimate Madness 3 tournament joint-winner Rum Nitty on URL, but fans were seemingly underwhelmed by his return to the platform. Both battlers have something to prove going into this one, virtually guaranteeing an exciting clash!  

Compton’s Geechi Gotti, the other joint-winner of the UM3 tournament goes head-to-head against Detroit veteran Calicoe in a battle that’s expected to be one of them ones! Geechi has been getting busy all year and has looked virtually unbeatable at times.  

Notably absent from the card is Tay Roc who has been on every Summer Madness card since SM3 and fans are paying attention. However, there’s still time to add him to the card.

Philly native Eazy the Block Captain has said that he wants to throw his hat in the SM11 ring.

This is a battle the culture has been asking for since they joined forces as a 2on2 team for Double Impact in March this year. Eazy took to Instagram today and posted a message to the bosses over at the Ultimate Rap League.   

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We’ll have to see if the URL takes the bait! 

The event is set to be a blockbuster one with the return of the crowd in one of battle raps most loved cities, Houston!  

Ultimate Rap League: Summer Madness 11 is going down on September 25 at 3 pm ET at Bayou Music Center, Houston, TX. The event will be streamed live and for free on Caffeine.