Biggie Smalls “Drug” Into Hunter Biden’s New Wild Crack Scandal

The Notorious B.I.G. and Hunter Biden

Big Smalls was drug into the latest controversy involving President Biden’s son Hunter’s latest controversy. Read all about it!

The nation’s first son, Hunter Biden, is in the headlines after his phone, iCloud, and laptop were hacked, and somehow, Biggie Smalls has been roped into the wild story.

According to reports, internet hackers associated with 4Chan uncovered photographs and videos of the 52-year-old in many compromising positions, including a video of him weighing approximately 21 grams of crack.

They sorted through the photographs and leaked some of the most damning images and footage of him hanging out with some party girls. In one clip, he appears to be asking a woman if she has any crack to share with him.

In another, Hunter Biden is seen in the buff, going down a waterslide with some of the female gal pals.

Several scenes show Hunter Biden engaged in sexual intercourse, apparently swapping out women like the playboy one might think he is.

Twitter has gone crazy, teasing his addiction and misfortune.

One person added Biggie’s “10 Crack Commandments” as a musical bed with an erratic compilation of the leaked footage, which has gone viral on Twitter.

Some people mocked Hunter Biden’s father’s 90s policies on crack cocaine, saying, “Joe Biden wants ‘the smartest man’ he knows, his son, Hunter Biden, locked up. Who am I to argue with the president of the United States? It’s jail time, genius.”

A divorcee and father of three daughters, Hunter Biden, has struggled for years with addiction and alcoholism, despite (or in spite of) his father’s high-profile political jobs.

This is the second batch of illicit videos leaked on the president’s son in July. In the first one, he seems to be smoking on a crack pipe and pleasuring himself. 

He is doing all this while floating in a tank of water.

4chan has publicly taken credit for the leak but has not given a reason why, other than to embarrass him, the president, and the rest of their family. 

President Biden has four children. Hunter is the oldest living child. He has one younger sister named Ashley. 

Beau Biden, the oldest brother, died from brain cancer in 2015. The beloved sister, Naomi, died with her and the boys’ mother in 1972. She had just turned one year old.