Killer Mike Says Non-Violent Drug Offenders Should Be First In Line For Dispensary Licences  

Killer Mike

Killer Mike said more needs to be done for those who “paved the way” for the legal cannabis industry in “a drug war gone terribly wrong.”

Killer Mike said the government must do better when it comes to righting the wrongs of the war on drugs.  

The entrepreneur rapper responded to the news that the Biden administration granted clemency to over 70 inmates convicted of low-level drug offenses or non-violent crimes.  

He told TMZ that they should have released “quadruple” the number of prisoners, and more needs to be done. 

Killer Mike explained that he believes non-violent drug offenders “should be first priority to get the state license” to enable them to open cannabis dispensaries. He believes that’s the only way the feds can “repent for a drug war gone terribly wrong.” 

He went on to say that those that will make “billions” in profit from the cannabis industry “owe the people that were outlawed and paved the way.” 

Killer Mike has a new docuseries centered around the evolution of cannabis culture and legalization and believes it should be legal for adults to consume.  

“You are an adult; no one can tell you what type of corn to buy or put in your mouth. Even alcohol — which is sugar and alcohol and much worse for you than marijuana,” he explained during a recent interview. “I think marijuana should be legal from day one for adult usage. It should be up to you what you put inside your body and out. 

Meanwhile, Michael “Killer Mike” Render revealed he and El-P “were in the studio together,” cooking up. “We may have messed around and started ‘Run The Jewels 5’. So we’ll see what happens.”