Bishop Nehru Responds To Concern Over His “Heroin Addiction” Music Video

The New Yorker addresses “the losers” who think he’s clout chasing.

Yesterday, Bishop Nehru had a lot of people on the internet talking. Many social media users had a negative response to the 25-year-old emcee’s “Heroin Addiction” visual.

“I tried Heroin in the new video 😔,” tweeted Bishop Nehru on Tuesday afternoon. In the official music video, Nehru portrays himself injecting the drug into his veins.

While the former Nas and MF DOOM protégé posted a disclaimer on YouTube that stated he does not condone the use of hard drugs, some internet commenters still slammed Bishop Nehru for promoting heroin usage.

“I don’t want to say it’s funny, because some people are actually concerned, but I just feel like you’re overreacting,” Nehru told HipHopDX about the backlash. “It’s [a] music video. You feel me?”

Apparently, people also disapproved of the fact that Bishop Nehru released the “Heroin Addiction” video because of his ties to Hip Hop legends like Nas, MF DOOM, and DJ Premier. Nehru responded to that criticism as well.

“I’m honestly focused on the group that understands there’s a message, but obviously to the losers who think I’m doing it for attention and clout, I have to address them,” stated Nehru.

He continued, “I feel like if anyone else had did something like this, they wouldn’t care, but because it’s me and I’ve worked with DOOM, I’ve worked with Nas and DJ Premier, they’re trying to make it seem like I’m disrespecting them by putting out my art.”

Additionally, Bishop Nehru blasted Twitter users who he believes engage in “cancel culture.” The rapper/producer/director declared, “They’re frauds. They don’t really care about people – they just care about going viral, the same thing they’re saying that I care about.”