Blac Chyna Threatened To Kill Kylie Jenner For Dating Tyga

Kylie Jenner

Blac Chyna once threatened to kill one of the most famous people in the world – billionaire Kylie Jenner! Read what Kris Jenner had to say!

Kris Jenner testified in court that Blac Chyna once threatened to kill her daughter Kylie Jenner.

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch took to the witness stand at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday as part of her family’s trial against the model, who is suing them for defamation and interference with contracts.

During her testimony, Kris was asked if Chyna ever threatened to kill Kylie – who dated the rapper Tyga after he split from Chyna – and she initially said she didn’t recall.

However, when reminded that she claimed at an earlier deposition, she said that she was told the information from Kylie and her then-boyfriend Tyga, and they knew more about the specifics.

The 66-year-old said Tyga told her Chyna had been physically abusive during their relationship, while Kylie told her Chyna threatened to kill her.

After hearing these allegations, Chyna’s lawyer Lynne Ciani asked Kris why she didn’t do more, and she replied, “I wasn’t that concerned. There were all kinds of things going on. There was just a lot of drama, which I’m used to in my family.”

According to The Associated Press, Kris testified that she was happy when her son Rob Kardashian started dating Chyna in early 2016, despite the earlier threat allegation.

“I just wanted my son to be happy… They had a rocky relationship from the start, and I just wanted really a win for them,” she stated. “People change. You want to give people a second chance. You hoped for the best, and we moved on.”

The ‘momager’ served as an executive producer on the couple’s reality show “Rob & Chyna,” which premiered in 2016 and was later canceled after they split up following a series of scandalous headlines and lawsuits.

When asked whether she ever told E! executive Jeff Jenkins that she was unhappy with Chyna, she replied, “I may have said something like that when they were fighting or in an argument because that’s how I was feeling that day.”

Kris was the first of the four defendants – including Kylie, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian – to testify in the trial. Chyna is suing them for $100 million for allegedly conspiring to ruin her reputation and have “Rob & Chyna” canceled.

Kris’ testimony is expected to continue on Friday.