Blac Chyna Under Criminal investigation, Accused Of Kicking Woman In Stomach 

The woman accusing Blac Chyna of battery has spoken out on social media: “Stop doing drugs sis it’s not a good look.”

Blac Chyna has found herself with another legal issue on her hands just days after losing her $108 million defamation lawsuit against the Kardashians

The reality TV star is under investigation for criminal battery after she allegedly attacked a woman, kicking her in the stomach. The incident occurred after a dispute in a Los Angeles bar in the early hours of Friday morning (May 6). 

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources say a report filed Friday named Blac Chyna as the suspect in a battery. Cops are investigating.  

The outlet also spoke to the alleged victim, Sequoya King, who says she was at the bar when Blac Chyna accused her of filming her. The pair began arguing, and Blac Chyna allegedly snatched the phone out of King’s hands, smashing it on the ground. Chyna then charged at her, kicking her in the stomach, causing her to fall. 

Blac Chyna Accuser Speaks

A statement posted on the Facebook page of Sequoya King adds further details. “For those of you who missed my post earlier this morning I was assaulted by Blacc Chyna! My phone was snatched by her and destroyed and while trying to defend myself she kicked me in my stomach.” 

King also states she wants to “expose” Blac Chyna after failing to settle the matter amicably and she accused the influencer of abusing drugs. She claims she wants her phone replaced and is speaking out to prevent the TV star from attacking anyone else. 

“I have done everything to resolve the matter peacefully but at this point she has to be exposed !!!” King continued in the statement. “Stop doing drugs sis it’s not a good look. I have been disrespected yet still remained humble. It’s not about the money I just want a new phone, and she has to be held responsible for her actions!!! Moving forward I will take all measures to make sure she is not able to do any more bodily harm to anyone else!!!”