Black Rob Gathers His Strength From A Hospital Bed To Honor DMX

Another rap legend, Black Rob, is in the hospital with an unknown ailment.

The world has not even processed DMX’s death and another rap legend is reportedly in the hospital.

The Bad Boy rapper Black Rob, the man that had everyone in the early 2000s saying “Whoa,” was filmed by DJ Self in his hospital room looking very sick.

He talked about the pain that he was feeling, unable truly to articulate how intense it is, but says that was “helping” him.

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He sent his condolences to the family of the fallen soldier, DMX. He said, with a weak voice and measured world, that he “feels everything about X” and that he was “positive.” Finally, he ended with “Big love to X.”

DJ Self says in his caption, “Let keep our prayers up Black Rob!!!”

“Get well man Please people out there take care of yourself BR was one of the greats Had NY on his back like Whaooo.”

There is no word on what is going on with Black Rob. Still many are concerned, noting that it might be too soon to lose another and praying for his swift recovery.

“Prayers up for black rob,” by @wavyboysmith

“Prayers to Black Rob b. Wish mad positive energy towards son and his future,” by @GetYaBarsOffPod

“Is it even a cookout in NY if this doesn’t come on? prayers up for Black Rob” from @jennynoir

“Seeing the conditions of X and Black Rob got worried about these rappers in the future that are popping straight up OXYs and doing H rn we already lost a ton already (Fredo Santana, Lil Peep,Juice wlrd) hopefully s### changes,” says @Mikey_Cooks

Two weeks ago, Black Rob was performing with Mr. Cheeks and Cassidy in Atlanta right before the Philly rapper’s RBE face-off against Hitman Holla.

We hope that Black Rob gets better.