Blxky Gang Rappers Busted For Trafficking An Aresnal Of Guns

Blixky Gang member Nick Blixky

Members of the Blixky Gang are being targeted by the feds, after they allegedly ran guns up and down the East Coast!

The feds have swooped in on the Blixky Gang, filing charges against the infamous Brooklyn crew’s alleged members.

The law enforcement body claims that for almost a year, the group of rappers and gang members —who are linked to rapper 22Gz— have been trafficking weapons from Georgia to New York City.

The question is … will more names be dropped in the near future?

The nine have been identified (listed in alphabetical order, not rank within the organization): Ken Alexander (a.k.a. Ryu), Christopher Machado (a.k.a. Chris Elite), Harlie Ramos (a.k.a. White Girl), Courtney Schloss (a.k.a. Bway/Balenci), Argam Taj (a.k.a. Sour), Samuel Taj (a.k.a. Sosa), James Thomas (a.k.a. Spazz), Jamel Thomas (a.k.a. Mel), and Duvaughn Wilson (a.k.a. Dupree).

All of them have been charged with conspiracy to commit gun trafficking.

According to Fox 5, Spazz and Balenci have been named in an indictment that details the nine-month operation. It further alleges that they used a Georgia resident to purchase 87 firearms from six federal firearms licensees in the state, with the intention to getting them to customers up north.

They would collect the money via various mobile banking apps, transporting them back to The Big Apple via commercial buses (i.e. Greyhound, Bolt, Peter Pan, etc.).

The operation hit a hiccup last November, when authorities recovered 18 guns during a stop in South Carolina, exposing the crew, finding among the weapons a high capacity .40 caliber magazine and a nine-millimeter drum magazine.

Authorities have further linked Balenci (also known as Bwy Balenci) to the Blixky Gang, stating that many of his customers were also in his street gang that has come to prominence because of their rap affiliations.

The indictment alleges, “Blixky Gang is comprised largely of aspiring rappers and its members have produced several music videos.”

Two members of the gang who have achieved some notoriety are Nicky Blixky and 22Gz.

Nicky Blixky was bubbling on the New York Hip-Hop scene before being shot and killed in his “torso and buttocks” last May, less than a month before dropping his first official mixtape.

His body was found in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

Another rapper connected to them is 22Gz, a Flatbush rapper who is considered a pioneer in the Brooklyn Drill movement. The rapper also released his first major mixtape, “The Blixky Tape,” through Atlantic Records in 2019.

U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss spoke on the indictment on Wednesday, August 4.

“These arrests should also send a message to anyone who is thinking about illegally selling guns to New Yorkers or illegally bringing guns to New York: We and our law enforcement partners are watching,” He continued. “And we will prosecute gun traffickers to the fullest extent of the law.”

Prosecutors further believe that one of the guns was used in an NYC cop shooting in the Bronx earlier this year on February 21.