Blueface Sends Club Bouncer To The Hospital After Brawl


Blueface could be facing some felony charges, after he allegedly beat up a bouncer who didn’t recognize him in front of a club.

Rapper Blueface is in deep trouble after allegedly jumping a club bouncer at Skinny’s Lounge in San Fernando Valley on early Saturday, 11.

It is said that the recording artist enlisted the help of his two female friends during the beatdown.

According to TMZ, who first reported the story, the “Thotiana” rapper was stopped at the door and asked for his legal identification.

However, it seems that Blueface did not have the required proof of identity.

Sources say that he didn’t think he needed one since he was a celebrity, asking the bouncer if he knew who he was.

To further prove his identity, he started to Google himself, sharing millions of websites, images and etc. that acknowledged him as a notable musician (word used loosely).

Despite his efforts, Googled sites (including did not trump the request for proper ID.

This apparently p##### Blueface off and caused him to lash out at the club employee.

The man was brought to a hospital in an ambulance and treated for his injuries. He, unfortunately, had a series of bruises and scratches that required sutures.

Some called the authorities to report the fight. The officers were told that the first happened a little after midnight and that the person injured in the melee only sustained minor injuries.

Upon arrival, the police took a battery report. They are investigating to identify the alleged suspect, who TMZ has identified as the rapper.