Blueface Blasts Lola Brooke In Case Of Mistaken Identity; Mixes Her Up With Lady London


Lady London mocked Blueface’s baby mama Jaidyn Alexis, which led to him mistakenly criticizing Lola Brooke.

Blueface erroneously called out Lola Brooke after confusing her with fellow rapper Lady London on Tuesday (July 25).

Brooke was caught in the crossfire of Blueface defending his baby mama Jaidyn Alexis. London trolled Alexis for posting a song snippet over the weekend, prompting Blueface to respond. But he botched the whole situation by misidentifying his intended target.

“You ain’t gotta be no hater lolabrooks,” he wrote on Twitter. “we not checking for you saying what we really think about YOUR music make yo lil raps in piece keep it pushing but if you want to go back an fourth with Jaidyn we can dedicate the next song to you an use you fr you won’t win this battle.”

Blueface soon realized he attacked the wrong person. He quickly clarified his post.

“Ladylondon* my bad not lolobrooks,” he wrote. “idk these people name fr.”

Brooke seemingly reacted to her name getting dragged into the mess by posting a Soulja Boy reaction gif. London did not comment on Blueface’s tweet.

London joked, “Damn, studio time is wild expensive too,” in her original jab at Alexis on Twitter. Alexis took notice of the comment and fired back on Monday (July 24).

“Been rappin ur whole life I just do this on the weekends,” Alexis wrote in one post.

London responded, “I wasnt being discreet. Lol my page been private for a week. Dont let the internet pump u up.”

Alexis released a video for “Workout,” the song that London mocked, via Blueface’s YouTube channel on Monday.