Blueface Responds After Chrisean Rock Claims She “Needed” To Be Drunk Their Entire Relationship

Blueface Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock said she could only be around Blueface if she was drunk and had to leave when she ditched alcohol after becoming pregnant.

Blueface denied Chrisean Rock’s claim that she “needed” to be drunk while they were together and accused the reality TV starlet of drinking while she’s pregnant. 

Chrisean took to Twitter Wednesday (July 26) to say that she can’t be around Blueface now that she’s pregnant because she can no longer drink. 

“I was drunk my whole time with him,” she stated, adding, “it wasn’t because I love to drink it was something I needed.” 

She continued, “Then wen all of sudden I couldn’t drink no more I honestly couldn’t be around no more.”  

However, Blueface rejected her claims claiming that she drinks because she likes alcohol and will be back on the bottle once the baby is born.  

“I didn’t raise this young lady,” Blueface said in the Hollywood Unlocked comments section. “She comes from a family that has addiction to substance abuse.” 

According to the “Thotiana” hitmaker, “she drank because she liked the way it made her feel.” He denied having anything to do with Chrisean “abusing that feeling,” stating she’s “immature” and “lacking lots of accountability on her end.” 

Blueface rounded off his response by claiming Chrisean Rock has been “asking for drinks pregnant without my presence.” He concluded, “when the baby is born she will be drunk all over again.” 

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While Chrisean Rock has since deleted her post, tweeting instead about her growing stomach, Blueface’s mother responded.  

“You was a junky when we met you,” she stated. “I was just saying this morning we about to be a happy family one day because you bringing our baby boy and you on this.”