Rapper Blueface And Chrisean Rock Brawl With Each Other On Hollywood Street


Rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock were captured fighting on video, as they walked down a Hollywood street.

Rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock were captured fighting on video. 

The “Thotiana” chart-topper repeatedly tried to distance himself, but his “lady” continued to follow him, swinging at him as they walked down a Hollywood street.

TMZ said the fight occurred early Tuesday morning (August 2nd).

Chrisean Rock appears to be the aggressor, punching and pushing the rapper. Video shows that at one point, she grabs his shirt before smacking him across the face.

At this time, the artist returns a punch, not only knocking her in the head but to the ground and snatching the chain on her neck. This does not deter her. 

Chrisean Rock pops back up and grabs hold of his shirt again, and drags it until the two are around the corner. Once there, he bangs her against the wall and punches her multiple times in the head and body.

Local law enforcement was called to stop the couple’s all-out brawl. However, by the time they arrived, the two were gone.

This is not the first time Blueface has been associated with fighting (or beating on) a woman.

AllHipHop.com reported on rumors from earlier this year that centered around him beating up his mother and his sister, Karlissa and Kali.

Kali said, “Got jumped y 7 dudes including my brother then Rock ran up after the gang member jumped me and my husband. As you can see I peed on myself, I ain’t never fought 7 n###as before. All I could do was p### on myself. One thing about it, I don’t play a bout my mama. I’d do it all over again. Saddest part is his manager paying everybody at the party to post Rock dragging me after getting jumped by several n###as, including my brother.”

“BLUEFACE aka Johnny boy is a b##ch. He let Rock whoop on his mama then stomp his sister out w his homies. What go around come around, no threats I pulled up and handled my s##t fa my mom. What type of daughter would I be to see my mother w a black eye, blood dripping on her face, then these n***as wanna have a party the next day. I’d be damn.”

“My husband dead a## tried to fight 7 men and couldn’t help his wife c## they didn’t give af ran through his pockets and car. We got jumped and robbed at my blood brother’s house and you let [that] b##ch jump on your mom like wtf is gangsta about it. All the women at that party that watch my bro and his friend jump me and my husband, and wouldn’t call 9-1-1 for him while he was bleeding on the flooorr babbbbbby when I tell you God don’t miss not address you will feel this day and when yo do I pray you remember what you didn’t do.”

Blueface denied this, saying it was Chrisean Rock who beat them down, blacking both of their eyes.