Did Blueface Beat Up His OWN Mother And Sister?


Blueface is living the life! The drama life! His sister and mother say he hit them, but his girlfriend says she put in that work.

I hope you can make sense of this.

In the latest of BS, Blueface has allegedly beat up his mother and sister. These people have been fighting for quite some time. Physically fighting? No. Beefing? Yes.

The latest is Blueface stands accused of fighting his mother and sister – Karlissa and Kali – in an all-out brawl who’s toxicity rivals a nuclear cesspool. Understand, you have to have a special type of beef to get out there and actually fight your own flesh and blood, much less the ladies.

However, the rapper has responded with what he calls facts. In those facts, are that his girlfriend – Chrisean Rock – actually beat them up, throwing all the punches. And she was a savage. It seems like she blacked both their eyes and kept pushing. By the way, she has admitted to this.

Chrisean Rock didn’t seem to be particularly happy about having to beat up the mother, but seems like it was a case of self-defense. Nevertheless, the mother and the sister say it was actually Blueface that assaulted them.

Kali said:

“Got jumped y 7 dudes including my brother then Rock ran up after the gang member jumped me and my husband. As you can see I peed on myself, I ain’t never fought 7 n###as before. All I could do was p### on myself. One thing about it, I don’t play a bout my mama. I’d do it all over again. Saddest part is his manager paying everybody at the party to post Rock dragging me after getting jumped by several n###as, including my brother.”

“BLUEFACE aka Johnny boy is a b##ch. He let Rock whoop on his mama then stomp his sister out w his homies. What go around come around, no threats I pulled up and handled my s##t fa my mom. What type of daughter would I be to see my mother w a black eye, blood dripping on her face, then these n***as wanna have a party the next day. I’d be damn.”

“My husband dead a## tried to fight 7 men and couldn’t help his wife c## they didn’t give af ran through his pockets and car. We got jumped and robbed at my blood brother’s house and you let [that] b##ch jump on your mom like wtf is gangsta about it. All the women at that party that watch my bro and his friend jump me and my husband, and wouldn’t call 9-1-1 for him while he was bleeding on the flooorr babbbbbby when I tell you God don’t miss not address you will feel this day and when yo do I pray you remember what you didn’t do.”

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Wack 100 said he and his crew are considering a defamation lawsuit against the mother and sister for saying that the rapper was the one that beat them up.

I find it highly interesting that they are saying so much. They are literally putting the full-fledged onus on the girlfriend. I know that Blueface is the financial cornerstone here, but they could always say very little and let the truth speak in a legal sense. AHHHH-WHY AM I TRYING TO MAKE SENSE OF THIS?

I am not saying this is snitching, but it has a weird sort of energy to me. Now, there is the issue of Kali‘s husband. Apparently he had a gun. Blue faces security handled him and KNOCKED him out and there is a video on circulation of him bloodied. And she is standing over him in a very strange and dramatic matter.

All in all, Blueface stayed out of the fight between the ladies and allowed them to have a fair one if you will. But it seems like a fair one just wasn’t in the cards for the mother and the sister, even if it was only one other person (Rock) against them. But they say Blueface was in on it too.

By the way, the husband is now in the hospital with teeth missing and a severe medical condition. Wack 100 was not there for any of this, but he is pushing the narrative that his artist is innocent. Karlissa and Kali say otherwise.

Here is the spouse on the ground while Blueface’s mom throws up weird hand gestures.

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They should not have pulled up to that man’s house in the first place. He probably is protected legally by virtue of them being on his property.