Blueface Mom Threatens Legal Action Over Family Holiday Photo: “I Know I Got Rights” 


Blueface’s mom will take legal action if Chrisean Rock, Jaidyn Alexis or her son prevent her from taking holiday pics with her grandkids.  

Blueface’s mother is so determined to get a holiday photo with all her grandchildren that she’s threatening legal action if things don’t go her way. 

The “Thotiana” rapper’s mom said that taking photos with her children and grandchildren is a holiday tradition and insisted she won’t be denied her photoshoot. Karlissa Saffold took to Instagram Monday (November 6) to reveal she intends to turn up to see all three of Blueface’s whether she has permission or not. 

According to Saffold, “I know I got rights” because “I been talking to the white people.” She also claims she can get the photographs done in less than six minutes. In a video, Saffold explains that she plans to pull up on both Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis with the cameras rolling for her upcoming reality TV show just in case the mothers cause any problems for her.  

“So you can go back and tell those muthafuckas the momma coming,” she said in the video. “We riding it ‘til the wheels fall off.” Watch it below. 

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Last week, Blueface’s mom called her son’s new fiance a “snake.” She also claimed Chrisean Rock could still end up with her son despite the rapper recently proposing to Jaidyn Alexis.  

“You still gotta chance,” Saffold said of Rock during another Instagram Live discussing the family drama. “But you gotta calm your s### down and stick to the facts… Just try to be cordial… I don’t see my son with [Jaidyn], past their kids maybe in high school. I don’t see John nowhere near here in the future cards.”