Chrisean Rock Admits Blueface Will “Never” Leave Jaidyn Alexis, But She Still Wants To Beat Her Up 

Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock denied trying to come between Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis despite claiming she is still hooking up with her ex.  

Blueface may have recently proposed to Jaidyn Alexis, but that hasn’t stopped Chrisean Rock from repeatedly putting the rapper on blast for allegedly still hooking up with her.  

In a recent unfiltered interview with Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee, the “Baddies South” star went into graphic details about her claims that Blue wanted to have sex despite her being on her period.

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However, Blueface insists he’s done with Chrisean Rock and says his ex is trying to make Jaidyn Alexis mad. He accused Rock of recently following him to Miami and booking into the same hotel as him but said he rejected her.  

In response, Chrisean Rock shared a screenshot of an alleged DM from Blueface sending her his hotel room number. The “Baby Father Drama” hitmaker claimed she left him that morning and blocked him “after linking.” 

Chrisean Rock Threatens To Put Hands On Jaidyn Alexis

She also followed up with an Instagram Live video threatening to go to his house to beat up Jaidyn Alexis.  

“You still got to fly in,” she said, addressing Blue on her livestream. “I can beat you to your house before you get to your house and whoop that b#### ass.” 

Rock said Blueface is “losing it,” and questioned why he keeps tweeting about her and other rappers. 

“Why the f### are you tweeting me, Lil Mabu, Rico, Cinco, she asked. “They my friends for real. But Blue, he don’t care. He don’t like me talking to any n#####.” 

She continued, “Why the f### you have to tweet me? For clout? Stop acting like you obsessed with me and really just be hating the f### out of me.” 

Nonetheless, Chrisean Rock said she isn’t trying to ruin Blueface’s relationship with Jaidyn Alexis. “Y’all never getting broken up. That’s why we’ll never be really together,” she conceded.  

Check out the clip below.  

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